How to Play Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi Game and Win Money Daily?

How to Play Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi Game and Win Money Daily?

Kabaddi is one of the most ancient games of the country with its traces in the epic Mahabharata. For years, it has always been touted as the game of the ‘Rural India’. However, the emergence of the Pro Kabaddi League introduced the game on the international level. It became an instant hit among the sports lovers and such was the craze of the league that it became the 2nd most-viewed sports league in the nation just behind the Indian Premier League (IPL). The high-octane nature of the game attracted the followers,, and soon the game rose to international recognition. Dream11, the pioneer of fantasy sports, was forced to introduce fantasy kabaddi on its platform alongside fantasy cricket, fantasy football, and fantasy basketball. Now, the game is available on every fantasy sports platform,, and kabaddi lovers have plenty of options to choose from.

What is Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi?

It is a real-time fantasy game where the user makes his team online and select 7 players from the two sides. The user earns fantasy points based on the performance of selected players. The total of the points is summed up at the end of the match,, and the user with more number of fantasy points wins money.

Understanding the roles of players

In kabaddi, there are majorly 3 roles of players i.e. a Raider, a Defender, and an All-rounder. you need to get understand these 3 roles to before playing fantasy kabaddi.

How to play Dream11 Kabaddi and win cash daily?

  • First things first, you need to select a match and join the contest. If you are newbie or if it is your first time, you could opt to join the practice contests. You would get a better idea how Dream11 works.
  • Once you are familiar with the process, you could join a contest from the number of options available.
  • Select a kabaddi match you want to participate in. It is vital for you to have the knowledge and info of that particular match as you would be able to make right choices only if you are familiar with the facts and figures.
  • Now, you have to pick a team of 7 players with a budget of 100 credits in your pocket. You could only select a maximum of 5 players from either side as it is must to select a minimum of 2 players from one team. Also, you have to pick at least 2 defenders and a maximum of 4 defenders. Then, you have to select at least one all-rounder but only a maximum of 2 all-rounders are allowed. Lastly, you need to select at least one raider up to a maximum of 3 raiders. Take players skills, game involvement, and substitutions in consideration before building a perfect 7.
  • Select your captain and vice-captain from already selected 7 players. It is the most vital decision of the game as the captain earns twice the points earned and the vice-captain earns 1.5 times the points earned. This often proves to be a make-or-break decision as these players must perform well in order for you to earn maximum points.

Note: A user could make a maximum of 11 teams ans could join multiple contests at a time.

Dream11 Tips and Tricks | Small League & Grand League Tips for Fantasy Kabaddi

Small league is a contest where less than 10 people are involved in a contest. It is vital for you to select the best possible team to beat the competition. A thorough pre-match analysis is important before participating in any game. You need to know everything about player positioning regarding their roles. You must know which raider is firing, which all-rounder is contributing in both departments, and which defender has been rock-solid.

In Grand League contests, you could afford to take risk. You could select players who are not expected to perform big. You could make differential choices for Captain and Vice-Captain to beat the competition. It is advised to create match scenarios and select the multiple combinations accordingly to outwit the competition.

Most Common Mistakes in Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi

Unbalaced Combination: Some users often make raiders heavy teams. While it might work for you but you could not undermine the importance of defenders in the game of kabaddi. Also, defenders and raiders are awarded points differently by Dream11. You must keep the points system in mind and select a balanced team accordingly.

Making Wrong Choices of Captain and Vice-Captain – If your captain and vice-captain both fail to deliver in the same game then the chances of winning diminish significantly. Don’t make random choices, only chose consistent players.

Lack of game awareness – It is vital for a user to follow the game of kabaddi before playing Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi. Statistics and scoreboards could tell a story by its own. While following your instincts would always help you but info would always be the key. Follow the game.

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